Analytic X

  ¿Que es  Analytic X?

  Uno de los problemas mas comunes en los partidos es el agarrotamiento bajo presión, esto afecta al rendimiento y lo vemos en todas las variedades de golpes.

  Este agarrotamiento esta relacionado con el miedo y se aprecia en distintos patrones del cuerpo llamados “deformaciones del golpe”, estas son movimientos anatómicos ocultos que afectan el canal biomecánico del “Swing” reduciendo la calidad delos golpes.

  Analytic X es una herramienta útil para incorporar a los entrenamientos con el objetivo de reducir el agarrotamiento en los músculos producido por el miedo.

  Hemos querido acercarnos a la técnica desde un original y novedosa punto de vista, ya que une la ciencia y la experiencia empírica en una metodología probada complementada con conceptos de neurociencia bajo la principal filosofía de convertir tus movimientos en movimientos positivos para evitar el agarrotamiento en los golpes.

  ¿What is  Analytic X?

  One of the most common problems in matches is stiffness under pressure. This affects performance, we see this in varieties of stroke specifics such as forehand, backhand and serve.

  Stiffness is another term we know in tennis as choking,

  Tennis Choking is related to fear and it shows distinct patterns in the body called stroke deformities, these are hidden anatomical movement patterns in tennis specifics that affect the biomechanical canal of the “Swing” reducing the qualities of shoots

  Analytic X is a useful tool to add to your practice with the objective to reduce the stiffness in muscles produces by fear.

  We wanted to approach technic from a new an original point of view, putting together science and experience on the field in a proven methodology complemented by neuroscience under the main philosophy which is to turn your body positive to avoid shocking in the strokes.

  ¿Quienes son  Analytic X?


  Myself and Neil Alvarez, we meet under the GPTCA Course held in Ljbiana, Oct 2017, after listening for half hour to his speech i thought right away that this is what I needed to accomplish what i wanted to get from technic: a clear biomechanical path for a powerful swing.

  I found that with this approach and my experience on Court we could relate the movement and the emotion, and how to work them out together on court.

  After hours of talking, work, meetings, a  year and a half after  is here, a platform  where the job is  developing and available for all of you.

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